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We offer policies the provide you with true peace of mind. Our personalized plans cover everything from long-term care to temporary disabilities. It's good to know you're covered!

Care & Disability

Breathe easier knowing your family's financial future is secured with a life insurance policy. We specialize in both term and whole life policies.

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Our medical plans cover everything from wellness checkups to extended hospital stays. Dental and vision plans make sure the whole body is covered!

medical, dental & vision

Whether you are in need of group health, disability, dental, life insurance, or all policies combined, we can help simplify the process and get you the best value for your employees.

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Using life insurance to grow and protect your wealth

There’s a reason family dynasties, banks, and big corporations have been using universal life insurance for generations to grow and protect their wealth. Even when subject to estate limits, the wide coverage of life insurance makes sure that these death payouts go a long way toward promoting the tax-free, inter-generational transfer of wealth. Let's look at just two of these reasons.

Access to your cash value at any age, at any time, for any reason — without taxes or penalty.       

This is a huge benefit of whole life policies compared to 401(k)s and IRAs, which impose multiple obstacles if you want to access your cash before retirement, and penalize you if the funds you borrow from them are not paid back by a certain time and at a certain interest rate. No such obstacles exist with a whole-life policy. So leave your cash in the policy if you wish, or borrow it back out and use it, the choice is yours.

Protection from long term care and chronic care expenses.

Well written policies with the proper companies could provide the ability access a portion of your eventual death benefit during your lifetime to help pay for assisted living or long term care expenses. This will insulate and protect your other wealth so you don’t spend a lifetime building wealth only to give it all back before you pass away leaving nothing for your family.

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